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Parts and Service Center

At DR Trailer Sales, we don’t just sell trailers! Did you know that we also help you keep your trailers out on the road? That’s right! We have a full blown parts and services department. Here you can expect that we’ll fix your trailer up as quickly as possible, so you can spend more time on the road! We service trailers 6 days a week!

General Maintenance Package

When it comes to maintaining your trailer, there are regular inspections and maintenance items you need to do to get your full money’s worth out of your trailer. This is why we have our general maintenance package. This package includes:

● Brake ● Tire ● Bearing ● Wiring and Axle Inspections ● Trailer Lights ● Preventative Maintenance.

Fleet Repair

For those of you with multiple trailers, we have a deal for you! Maintaining multiple trailers can become expensive and timely, especially for a business. So we have a fleet repair program made just for people like you.

Insurance Work

As a smart trailer owner, you’ve invested in insurance. But where do you go next?

Our shop deals with insurance companies all the time, so we know the ins and outs to ensure you get the most you can from your policy. Additionally, we’ll help you through the paperwork to help get you back to hauling your cargo.

Axle Repair

Time on the road wears on all things, and from time to time your axle will need some TLC. Potholes or objects left on the road can knock your trailer off center, which is a sign you’ll need some repair work done. You might also feel like your trailer is swerving to one side consistently. There are also other signs your trailer axles need repair:

● Vibrations ● Rumbling Noises ● Issues with braking and acceleration ● Wobbly tires ● Dump Trailer Repair

On top of the regular maintenance of any trailer, such as wheel bearings, brakes, and suspension, dump trailers may also need repairs for hydraulic systems, additional electrical work, and additional frame work for dump trailer walls.

Equipment and Landscape Trailer Repair

For many companies, there’s often common stories - they hit a curb or pothole, were rough with some equipment and the trailer, or maybe an accident happened. Regardless, our team is prepared to help!

Trailer Parts Replacement

If your trailer has a specific part that breaks, not only can you view our list below for potential trailer parts, but we’ll help you repair and replace that part!

DR Trailer Sales parts and service

Trailer Parts

For those that know their way around a trailer, we have plenty of trailer parts to help you keep your trailer hauling on the road. Here’s a list of the most common trailer parts we see ordered:

● Trailer lights ● Axles ● Bearings ● Fenders ● Enclosed Trailer Outer Skins ● Trailer Vents ● Dump Trailer Parts ● Jacks ● Tires ● Enclosed Trailer Parts ● Ball Mounts ● Hitches ● Brake Assemblies ● Suspension Parts.

If you don’t see the trailer part you need in the above list, reach out to use either via a call or contact us online. We might be able to order a part online for you.

If you get started on trailer repairs and find it’s too hard because of time constraints or the level of repairs needed, remember that we would also love helping you with your trailer repairs.

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